i Think Technology @ Aal AlBeit University

It’s my pleasure starting my first posts talking about my visits to the Jordanian Universities through Microsoft Universities Tour with my friends Mohammad Arrabi from Microsoft and Anwar Al-Yousef from JUNet, In my presentaion “i Think Technology“ I was trying to explode the technology passion inside the students and focusing on how we can use the technologies around us and investing it to create new technologies, building innovative products or enhance current technologies and talking about the Major Microsoft technologies and products (Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010IE9,  Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, XBox 360) to implement our ideas to real innovation and my target from this session was building and exporting technologies to the global market “Made in Jordan”.

Here’s some pics from my presentation in Aal AlBeit University


3 thoughts on “i Think Technology @ Aal AlBeit University

  1. im 1 of aabu students 🙂 and i can tell u we were so impassioned and excited , rly want 2 thanQ … mmm if u allow me to tell that u wrote alhusain uni on the pics. instead of al-bayt :$

  2. يعطيكم العافيه شباب كتير استفدت منكم واتمنى اني اشوفكم مره تانيه بالجامعه وانا اخذت اكبر جائزه ممكن احصل عليها وهي معرفة الشباب الطبيين والحصول على المعرفه الاكتر واكتر
    كمان تحيه تانيه للأستاذ الكبير سليمان البطاط

    ((على فكره ممكن انك ما بتعرفني بس للتذكير انا صاحب قصة انطز واقعد كمل دراستك )))

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