Working with Team Foundation Server – Part 1

Hello my dear readers,

This month I will start a new  wave of Team Foundation Server learning series, In my earlier posts, I start  introducing VS ALM and TFS 2010, now I will start writing about working with Team Foundation Server 2010. so let’s start!

After installing & configuring Team Foundation Server  we start wotking  by connect to the Team Foundation Server collection from Visual Studio. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the Team Menu:

You will be asked to find the Server where Team Foundation Server lives. In this case my Windows 7 machine is called JLZB2REL. Add the server to the list using the Add button, then click Close:

At this point you can select the server from the combo box and then the DefaultCollection, then click Connect:

The Team Explorer tab will now have your server connection and DefaultCollection, but we don’t yet have a Team Foundation Server Project to store anything in yet:

For this tutorial I have created a new Windows Form project to act as our sample solution (File, New Project, and Windows Forms). If you try to add this new code project to source control, you will get an error. For example:

After you select the “Add Solution to Source Control” menu item you get the error “No team project source control folders are available.”:

The error isn’t that intuitive (especially given the word project is used for both Team Foundation Server and inside your Visual Studio code solution but are different things). The error means you must create an actual Team Foundation Server project to contain all of the assets for your work. In Team Explorer, right-click your collection and choose New Team Project:

In this case I’m going to create a Team Foundation Server project for an Accounts Payable system. This project will contain all of the solutions, data, etc required for the overall system. to be continue…


2 thoughts on “Working with Team Foundation Server – Part 1

    • Hi Danish,

      Sorry for my late reply, i was un plugged of my blog for a while due to business related stuff.

      you can work on the same project from multiple computers by Branching and merging your team project.

      you check out more details about branching and merging in team foundation server by visiting reading this article which written by my colleagues in the Visual Studio ALM Rangers team Bill Heys and Willy-Peter Schaub and you can email me on or reply to this thread at any time for any inquiries as well 🙂

      BR// Suliman

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