Planning and Tracking Projects – Part 3

Today I will talk about documents and reports in TFS 2012; You can share documents and files that you  want to make available to all team members by uploading them to the project portal for your team project. To track your team’s progress, you can create and customize reports that highlight the data that is most important for your project. By creating your own reports, you can drill down on specific information that is not analyzed by the default reports. In addition, you can customize how your reports are run, displayed, and delivered to each member of your team.

As the following illustration shows, you can create and customize reports from data in one of three databases. You can also create, customize, and view reports by using Excel, Project, or Reporting Services. Your team project includes built-in reports in Excel and Reporting Services, or you can quickly generate reports by using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project.

Team Foundation Data Stores and Reports Overview

Another stuff that the optimize the PMO capacity through Visual Studio ALM & TFS 2012 is managing portfolios through connection to Project Server.

You can gain up-to-date insight into portfolio execution, alignment with strategic objectives and resource utilization of software development projects by leveraging the data stored in different systems. The integration of Team Foundation Server and Project Server automates the exchange of project information across teams and improves coordination between teams by using disparate methodologies, like Waterfall and Agile, by using common data and agreed-upon metrics. Agile teams can continue to think in terms of the product backlog and user stories and the Program Management Office (PMO) can continue to manage resources across the enterprise.  Project managers and software development teams can use the tools they prefer, work at the granularity that supports their needs, and share information transparently between Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Project Server. When the two server products are configured, the synchronization engine maintains scheduling data and resource usage for the configured data in the mapped enterprise project plan and the team project.

You can review the progress of a portfolio of projects with the PMO by using the Project Center view that PWA provides. As the following illustration shows, you can easily track the progress of several agile development projects.

Project Portfolio with Agile Plan Updates


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