Team Rooms in Visual Studio 2013

In TFS 2013, Brian Harry  on  behalf of  Visual Studio Team introduced a new feature called “Team Rooms” that keep a record of things that happen in your team – checkins, work item updates, build failures, code reviews, etc.  And you can have conversations about the activity directly in the team room.  This keeps a durable record of what’s happening in the team and makes it easy for people to catch up if they’ve been out or to ask a question about something.

In 2013, Team Rooms only appear in the TFS web UI.  From the day we previewed it, we started getting questions about enabling team rooms in Visual Studio.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do that for 2013.  However, one of our MVPs has taken it upon himself to build a VS extension using our REST APIs.



This feature will work both with on-premises Team Foundation Servers and Team Foundation Service. its pretty good!

Try it today 🙂

BR// Suliman


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