Surface Pro 3 in the Arena!

Hello Techies,

cant wait to share with you the hottest Microsoft announcement for today “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is produced” !

The new device is adding a new category to the computers family comes between laptop pcs and tablets. its a tablet withy the power of laptop. the main idea of the new Surface Pro is replacing your laptop with more portability, light weight and thinner device.

“This is the tablet that can replace your laptop,” said Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s (MSFT, Fortune 500) Surface division, at an event in New York. “Today we take the conflict away, and I’m absolutely sure of it.”

The tablet PC also got a price reduction. It will start at $799, cheaper than the $999 price point for the Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft showed off a number of programs designed specifically for the new Surface, including Adobe (ADBE) Photoshop and the Final Draft screenwriting software.

As with previous Surfaces, the device comes with a super-thin keyboard and touchpad mouse, and it works with a stylus pen for freehand note-taking.

Its available with the a very cool price starting @ $799.00.

Here’s some pics for the new Surface:

Surface Pro3 - 1Surface Pro3 - 2



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