Troobleshooting TFS 2013: Customize Bug States in MSF CMMI 6.0 Template in TFS 2013

Hello Readers,

From few weeks ago,  I was faced a problem in adding a custom state to the bug work item which placed in “MSF CMMI 6.0” template in TFS 2013. my mates in the ALM Rangers team (Vinicius Moura and Baruch Frei) was helping me solving the issue by changing the following part of the process configuration xml file and represent the new state on “State Value” as the following:

<BugWorkItems category=”Microsoft.BugCategory” pluralName=”Bugs” singularName=”Bug”>


      <State value=”New” type=”Proposed” />

      <State value=”Active” type=”InProgress” />

      <State value=”Resolved” type=”Resolved” />

      <State value=”Closed” type=”Complete” />



Thanks Vinicius and Baruch  for the great help solving my issue 🙂



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