What’s new in TFS 2015?

What’s new in TFS 2015?

Visual Studio Ultimate and Premium will be merged to Visual Studio Enterprise

Agile planning

There are lots of new things simplifies Agile planning, here are some of them:

Sprint backlog

It’s now possible reorder both PBIs/Stories and Tasks and the sprint backlog, you can also move a Task from one PBI/Story with drag and drop.

Unparented Tasks are shown both in the sprint backlog and in the sprint board.

Customize Cards

Cards can be customized, you can select:

  • To show Work Item id or not
  • To select avatar, avatar and name or just name of the person assigned to the work item
  • Remaining work on a task
  • Tags
  • Up to ten extra fields to be added to the card

Bugs in the backlog or not

You can select if you want bugs to appear on the backlog and boards with requirements (PBIs and Stories) or on the backlogs and boards with tasks or not to appear on backlogs or boards at all.

The Kanban board

In the Kanban board you can now

  • Reorder your PBIs/Stories
  • Add new and edit Work Items
  • Split your columns in Doing/Done
  • Add more swimlanes
  • Add definition of done (DOD)

Other things

  • There is a @CurrentIteration variable in queries so you don’t have to change your sprint queries and charts every new sprint

  • You can share your personal queries with other people for a period of 30 days
  • There are text filtering on backlogs and queries


A wiki is included as part of the Team Project, you use Markdown language to write your content and you can create and edit files directly from TFS Web access. It’s of course possible to edit any file the same way.


There are a lot of nice development features but there are two a really have been waiting for:

  1. You can select if you want “Resolve” or “Associate” as default when you check in code associated with a work item
  2. Intellitest. Intellitest is a way to automatically create unit tests from your code. You need Visual Studio Enterprise for this.

Build and Release Management

The build and release system in TFS 2015 is completely new and is accessible from TFS web access. Apart from being web based it’s also cross platform, you will be able to build Xcode, Android and Java and use things like Ant, CMake, Jake, Maven Puppet and Chef.

First you select what kind of build you want to create.

Then you select your different steps.

And add new ones if you need.

Changes in the builds will be versioned.

The new build system will be ready from TFS 2015 RTM but we will have to wait for the new release system until TFS 2015 Update 1.

Change project name

It’s finally possible to change a projects name.


There is support for REST APIs and Service hooks


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