Visual Studio 2015 Release is here!


Hello Folks!,

Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 @ Build Event, Welcome Visual Studio 2015! Everything we need to create great apps for devices or desktop apps, for the web and in the cloud. Write code for iOS, Android, and Windows in one IDE. Get great IntelliSense, easy code navigation, fast builds, and quick deployment. Visual Studio increases your productivity and makes it easy to do your work alone or as part of a larger team.

Download Visual Studio Community for free to start coding right away. If you want to do cross-platform development, make sure that you install the optional packages. (You can get more features with other editions of Visual Studio.)

Jump right in, create a new project, and start writing code. Choose the type of app you want to create. Or you can take a tour of the Visual Studio IDE to get familiar with the tools.

And don’t forget to explore our code gallery to find samples to help you write your app more quickly!

You can install Visual Studio 2015 by downloading it from Visual Studio Downloads. To learn more about the installation process, see Installing Visual Studio.

Lets starts the fun and dev our party!


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